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Which VAT rate should I select?

It is important to ensure each of your products lists the correct VAT rate.

If your business is not required to charge VAT, please select the “No VAT” option under each product. Otherwise, all sellers need to select one of the following options on each of their products before complete the listing:
  • VAT (Irish Standard Rate 21%) – applies to most goods and services
  • VAT (Irish Reduced Rate 13.5%) - applies to a limited selection of goods and services
  • VAT (Irish Second Reduced Rate 9%) - applies only to certain goods and services
  • VAT (UK Standard Rate 20%) – relevant to the supplier of good and services across the UK
  • VAT (UK Standard Rate 5%) – relevant to the supplier of some of the good and services across the UK
  • VAT (Zero Rate) - applies to certain goods and services
  • No VAT – applies to businesses which fall below the relevant threshold and are therefore exempt from charging VAT

If you are still not sure of which rate is most applicable to your business, we strongly suggest you speak to your Accountant for further guidance. The Irish Revenue site provides additional information.


Adding the same VAT rate to all your products at the same time?


  • Go to Products

  • Select all Products

  • Go to "Edit Selected" above the product range

  • Press "Unselect All" at the bottom
  • Then highlight "Taxes" and press modify selection


  • Select "Apply values to all the selected products"

  • Select the correct VAT rate and press Save when done!