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What basic product information do I need?

A quick article to help you list your items and maximise sales opportunities.

Product Name 

  • Make sure it is clear from the title what the product is you're selling. Be specific about what the product is and include the most important keyword(s); these are the search terms that customers will use to search for a product like yours. 
  • Be succinct, try and keep the title to within 65 characters including spaces.
  • Please don't include your brand name in the title unless it is an inherent part of the product name. Your brand name will always be shown alongside the product name on the site. 
  • Product titles should be unique so avoid naming your product the same as other products listed. 
  • Don't include promotional content in the title e.g. "20 % off" or "Free Shipping" or "Free Gift Wrapping". 
  • Don't use all capital letters. 

Product Description 

  • This is your chance to write something that really sells your product or service. This content will also be used towards SEO results so make sure you include the most important keywords. 
  • Ensure that your product descriptions are unique and give the customer all of the information they need to make a purchase. You'll need to write at least 250 words that are well structured and well written - don't forget to spell check! 
  • Make sure all information entered is accurate e.g. product dimensions, weight, what it's made from etc.

Product Images 

  • The quality and style of your product photography has a significant influence on your online sales success. The product image is the first thing a customer will see, so to build strong online sales you must put full attention into your product photography. 
  • Make sure your products are well lit and shot at interesting angles. Ideally you should have between 4 and 5 images for each product showing full product shots as well as close ups.
  • Product images must be square otherwise they will get cropped & distorted. The ideal image size is 900 by 900 pixels.  They also need to be in PNG or JPG format with a file size of no more than 2MB each. 
  • If you need to reformat your images, here's a handy guide.
    Here's a quick product photo checklist: 
    • Keep to one main product (or set) per picture 
    • Make sure your product fills at least 80% of the frame 
    • Keep any personalisation in focus, clearly legible and free from reflection 
    • Use props to indicate scale but make sure they’re relevant in context to the product and that they don’t detract attention from the main product 
    • Stick to white or light coloured backgrounds 
    • Shoot detailed posters or prints from a straight-on perspective 
    • Make sure your final images are square (900px by 900px) and of the highest resolution possible