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A quick summary of the information you need to create your Seller Home page?

A quick article to help you understand what sort of information you'll need to create your Seller's Home page.

Company Name 

Seems obvious but if you don't already have one, you'll need to decide on your store name. Try to think of something unique that captures what the product/services is that you offer.   


You'll need a logo as part of your seller page, this can be professionally designed or just your name in a nice font. We will need it to be square & 220 x 220 Pixels. If you need to reformat your images, here's a handy guide.


It's important that we are able to show customers the person/people behind the business, so as part of your seller page you'll need to upload some banner images (ideally 4 to 5). They should include images of your shop or workspace, you & your team and nice shots of your products.

When taking your personal and store photographs, try to capture a sense of warmth and personality, avoid forced or posed looking expressions or actions. Backgrounds that show off your store, workshop or premises will give customers a great sense of what you're about.

These images will need to be 715 x 500 Pixels.


This is your chance to tell customers all about you, your team & the products/services that you offer. You should split this up into a nice quote of approx. 35 words long, and then your main 'About Us' text of approx. 100 words.   


This a vital piece of information as this will be used to position you on the Shuppy map, allowing customers to search for you by location (this is powered by Google Maps). We know Google doesn't always put you in exactly the right place on the map so you can also upload your specific latitude & longitude. To pinpoint exactly where you are on the map by latitude & longitude Click Here 

Social Reviews  

We all know reviews are really important in helping customers decide who to buy from. As they can take time to collect (especially on a new platform), we've built the site so you can upload your business reviews which you've received from other social platforms such as Facebook, Google or TripAdvisor. The info you'll need to enter is: 

  • Name of the reviewer (if available)  
  • The text of the review  
  • Date & time of the review 
  • Source i.e. Facebook, Google or TripAdvisor 

    Other information 

    You can also upload additional information that you think customers might find useful or interesting. 

    • Useful Information - This is could be a copy of your Terms & Conditions over & above ours, as well as your specific delivery options. Each seller will need to decide on which locations (e.g. Ireland, N.I, UK etc.) they are prepared to deliver to and of course you will need to be aware of the delivery costs associated with each item to each individual location. 
    • Did you know - This is a fun or interesting fact about your business, and should ideally be no more than 20 words