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How to update Inventory, individually and in bulk?

This guide shows you how to edit your product inventory or quantity so your products don’t show as being out of stock!


Whenever a customer places an order for a particular product, the quantity of that individual product is reduced by 1 on the Shuppy platform.  

The quantities of each listed product were initially set at 1 (unless specified by the seller at the time of uploading new products). If the product quantity becomes 0, it will automatically become “Out of Stock” and will not be available for sale anymore, however, the product will still be listed on the site.

In order to avoid this happening, we strongly recommend you take a stock count of your products and update the product quantities on Shuppy accordingly, or, if you have plenty of stock available, then please set the product quantities to a higher number, for example, 50 or set to “do not track”. 


Steps for updating your product quantities individually 

Individual Product  

1. To begin updating quantity for your products, go to https://shuppy.ie/vendor.php. From your home page, go to Products > Products.   


2. Edit the product quantities under the “Quantity” column. 

3. Then Click on Save on the top right corner. 

Steps for mass updating your product quantities 

  1. To mass edit all your products, you need to select/highlight either all or the group of products you would like to update at once. 
  2. Highlight the products you wish to update by holding “control”. 
  3. Then click on “Edit Selected” just above the list of products and then click “Unselect All”.

4. From the list of fields, select “Inventory” and/or “Quantity” then click on “Modify Selected”. You now have the option to change the Inventory of the products you selected.

5. To apply a revised change across all your products, you click on “Apply values to all the selected products”. You can change the quantity to whatever you like and/or click on “Inventory” and select “do not track”. 

7. Click on “Apply” when finished for the changes to stay. Best do these mass changes to no more than 25 products each time. 

8. Alternatively, you can also individually change each product by editing the corresponding fields across from each listing. 

9. Remember to press “Save” when done!