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How do I import all my products in bulk?

This guide shows you how to upload your product catalogue in bulk with our CVS file import.

Upload all your Images 

Open your admin account at https://shuppy.ie/vendor.php  

Go to Administration > Files and select Public Files 

You can drag and drop to import product image files into your stores Public Files

Images can also be uploaded by clicking on the disk icon to open your local file manager. 

Images should be  

  • PNG or JPG format 
  • No bigger than 2MB each 
  • Ideally 900 Pixels by 900 Pixels

Import Product Data 

Open your admin account at https://shuppy.ie/vendor.php  

Go to: Administration > Import data > Products 

Step One – Plan existing data 

Add a new column to your existing CSV products data set and add from our pre-set categories.  If products are being added to more than one category, another column can be added. 

Step Two – Create Mapping 

Click on the Plus icon to create a Preset 

Configure the import preset: choose a file (of CSV or XML format) that you’d like to import, then enter the name of the preset (you’ll use it later to find it among other presets). 

If you upload an XML file, you’ll also need to specify an XML target node in the field with the same name. XML files have different and complicated structure, and not all information needs to be imported.  

  • Locate your file 
  • Set any delimiters if required 

Click Create to import file 

After importing, a new Fields mapping tab will appear where each field from your data can be aligned with Shuppy fields. 

Click save once complete. 

Configure Import Preset Settings 

  • Perform test import—enable this setting if you wish to import only the first five products from the file. 

That will allow you to check if everything is configured properly. Deleting or fixing 5 products should something go wrong is easier than dealing with 500 products after a full import. 

  • Import strategy—choose whether to import all products or only some of them: 
    • Import all products from the file—new products will be created, but if a product already exists (the existence is determined by product code), then it will be updated instead. 
    • Update existing products only—skip any products that don’t exist in your store; only products that already exist will be updated. 
    • Create new products only—skip any products that already exist in your store; only products that don’t exist in your store will be imported. 
  • Set quantity of all products to zero—enable this setting if you want the quantity of all the products in your store to be set to 0 during the import. 

Only the products that have a quantity specified in the imported file will have a different quantity. 

There are two Additional settings hidden by default: 

  • Delete existing files of downloadable products—if you enable this setting, then importing downloadable products will delete their existing files. 
  • Delete existing additional images—if you enable this setting, all the additional images of a product will be replaced with the images specified in the imported file.