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How to create the perfect product images?

This guide provides you with some useful tips for presenting your product images in their best light - the better your images are, the more you will sell!

The standard industry recommendation is that each product listed should have at least 5 to 6 images which are taken from different angles, for example:

  • Front
  • Back
  • Left profile
  • and right profile.

In the absence of not being able to physically touch a product, each customer ideally wants to get a true appreciation of the item in question. 

As Shuppy lists the products of lots of different sellers, we do need to standardise the appearance of the products on the platform. We therefore ask that each product image is taken in “Portrait” mode, or as a square image, and on a white background. We have created a guide for taking the best photos here and how to edit them if needs be. 

General Image Requirements 

  1. All product images should have a resolution of 900px by 900px 
  2. PNG or JPG format with a file size of no more than 2MB each 
  3. The product should occupy at least 80% of the frame 
  4. The image should be on a pure white background 
  5. The pictures should be of the actual product and any graphics, illustrations, sketches, drawings are not acceptable 
  6. The pictures should not have any text, watermarks, logos or anything else that may confuse the customer 
  7. The product images should not be of low quality, blurry or pixelated. It is recommended to get a professional shoot done or if you are taking the images, please ensure the camera is decent, there is adequate lighting and no shadows falling on the main product 
  8. The main product image should not have multiple images in the same image or a collage 

Here are some examples of acceptable and unacceptable product images 



Product images need to be clear and of high quality 

The product should occupy at least 80% of the frame 

The image should not contain any additional text, logos and watermarks 


If you need to format your images already taken, then we suggest you visit this guide



If you need to resize your images as per the acceptable norms in bulk and have access to Adobe Photoshop, you can do so in a few seconds.! Here’s how:

  1. Save all product images in one folder (please name the images with the product name)
  2. Open Photoshop
  3. Choose Files > Scrips > Image Processor
  4. At the top you will get an option to select the folder which has the images you want to resize
  5. You can either choose to save in same location or choose the folder where you want the edited pictures to be saved
  6. Then under File Type enter the quality number (ideally 5-8)
  7. Check the resize to fit box and enter the custom dimensions
  8. Click on run


Photoshop will automatically resize and save in the folder specified. 


Go back to the folder where the edited pictures are saved and just hover over them. Cross check if all the images are edited in the specified resolution (900px by 900px). There is a chance that a few pictures will not be edited correctly based on the original instructions so you will have to edit these images in Adobe Spark as specified in the previous guide above.