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How to connect your WooCommerce store with Shuppy

The WooCommerce Connector enables you to sync your WooCommerce product data & in turn map categories to your Shuppy store.

Step 1. Login

To begin adding your WooCommerce products, go to https://shuppy.ie/vendor.php and log in to your Shuppy account.  From your home page, use the top menu bar and go to Website > WooCommerce Connector

Step 2. 

Click on the plus icon in the top right hand corner to add a new WooCommerce account.

Step 3.

Next you need to configure the various settings of the merchant account.  In General settings, enter your WooCommerce App Name (this will be your Store Name) & your URL (in https:// - for example https://shuppy.ie) then click Authenticate in the top right hand corner.  

When you click on Authenticate your WooCommerce account details will get fetched and the details will be completed automatically as below.

Step 4.

In the Order settings tab, select the Payment Processor (Credit and Debit Cards) and Shipping method (just select the first in the list as it's just a place holder) to export and import WooCommerce orders.

Step 5.

In the Product Setting tab, select the desired category (we recommend just putting them in Products) that you want your WooCommerce products get imported to and the default currency (EUR). 

When you click on plus icon, a new popup of Shuppy category will get opened. Select the category (we recommend just putting them in Products) and click Choose.

Step 6.

In the Webhook settings tab, ONLY click on Register Product Webhook as shown below (NOT 'Register Order Hook')  to create a webhook that enables products to be created & updated in real time. (We recommend you don't click on 'Register Order Hook' as this will sync orders from your WooComemrce store into Shuppy & although completely safe this just causes unnecessary confusion)

This is the view you should see after the webshooks have registered:

After configuring these settings click on Save.

Step 7.

When you have finished creating an account you will be able to perform various processes from your WooCommerce store to your Shuppy store like: Category Mapping, Manage WooCommerce Shipping Templates, Fetch All Orders (we don't recommend using this), Manage WooCommerce Products, Manage WooCommerce  Orders (we don't recommend using this), Edit and Delete your Account.

Below is a step by step guide to map the data from your WooCommerce store to Shuppy:

1. Category Mapping

Select Category mapping from the drop down so you can map your WooCommerce categories with the Shuppy categories in order to import your products.

Select the Shuppy category that you want to map to from your WooCommerce store & press Choose.

Once you have completed all your category mapping click Save
action performed

2. Manage Products:

In this section you are able to import your products from WooCommerce, click on Import Products.

You can then import your products individually, in small groups via Product ID or in bulk by Status. We recommend doing a single product import first to check everything works as expected and then import 'All' by using Status.

Once you have entered your Product ID or selected the Product Status option, click Import.

You will then see all of your imported products as below: