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How to connect your Etsy store with Shuppy

The Etsy Connector syncs your Etsy product data & map categories with your Shuppy store.

How to get your Etsy Credentials

Step 1. Etsy App registration

Firstly, you will need to create an app at Etsy. Follow this link https://www.etsy.com/developers/register and register as a developer to begin the process.


You will need to provide some basic information like name, email, etc. or register using your Facebook or Google account in order to log in.

After submitting those details you will receive a confirmation email, you will need to click on the link to verify your email address and get access to your developer account.

After verification, you will be redirected to the app page, where you will need to register your app to generate an API key and Secret key.

etsy settings

To create the app you will need to complete the following information:

  • Application Name - Here you will need to enter Shuppy.
    This will be visible to the you while authenticating for getting OAuth Token and OAuth Secret.
  • Describe your Application - In this section, enter Shuppy connector.
    Again, this will be visible to you during authentication.
  • Application Website- In this field, you have to enter the URL of the Shuppy website so it would be https://shuppy.ie/. 
  • What type of Application are you building?- In this field, you have to select Seller Tools.
  • Who will be the users of this application?- Select Just myself or colleagues.
  • Is your application commercial?- Select No.
  • Will your app do any of the following?- You have to select all three options - Upload or edit listings, Read sales data and Send email.
  • Finally, verify the reCaptcha and click on Read Terms and Create App button.


Here mark the terms and conditions and then click on Create App.

app button

Step 2. Getting your Etsy API information

After completing the steps above, your app will be created in the Etsy developer account and you can access your Etsy data. You will need to make a note of the Keystring (this is your Etsy API key) and Shared Secret (this is your Etsy Secret Key) information as you will need to enter this into your Shuppy account in order to import your products.

etsy api

You will also need to get your shop name, to do this go to the shop settings of your developer account as shown below.

etsy settings

Import Products from Etsy into Shuppy

Step 1. Login

To begin adding your Etsy products, go to https://shuppy.ie/vendor.php and log into your Shuppy account. From your home page, use the top bar to go to: Website > Etsy Connector

Screenshot 2020-11-04 at 2.29.27 PM

Step 2. 

After that click on plus icon in the top right hand corner to begin adding your Etsy shop.

manage account

Step 3.

Next you will need to enter the information that you noted down earlier in the guide:

  • Etsy API Key (this is the Keystring information you noted down in Step 2 - Getting your API Information)
  • Etsy Secret Key (this is the Shared Secret information you noted down in Step 2 - Getting your API Information)
  • Etsy Shop Name (this is the Shop Name information you noted down in Step 2 - Getting your API Information)

Simply enter these credentials into the relevant boxes and then click authenticate in the top right hand corner.

add merchant account

After authenticating successfully, your account will be set up. There are a few final steps you will need to carry out to enable you to manage all of your shop products.

edit merchant account

Step 4.

Click on the Product Settings tab. Here you will see separate setting fields for product import and export.

product setting

  1. Product Import Settings - Choose the default category in Shuppy where your Etsy products will be imported to, we recommend you select Products.
  2. Product Export Settings:
    • Choose the default category of Etsy to export the Shuppy Products. If a Shuppy category is not mapped with an Etsy Category, then this is where the products will be exported to. There is also an option to map categories. We will check the functionality later in this documentation. 
    • Select the default shipping template for the exported products. You can add/import and manage the Etsy shipping templates and cost from Shuppy itself. There is a separate manage page for shipping templates as shown below.
    • Select the default state (Draft/Active) of the exported product.
    • Select from the drop-down who actually made the item being listed.
    • Set Yes if the product is a supply.

Real-time Settings:

  • Check the box if you want to update the imported product in real time.
  • Check the box if you want to update the Exported product in real time.
  • If you want to update the product inventory in real time whenever an order is placed then you can check the third checkbox. If you have not checked the two fields above then this option will not work. So, even if you have checked this box but have not checked any of the aforementioned, the inventory will not be updated on order placement.

real time settings


You will need to click on the download button to map your Etsy Categories with Shuppy Categories. Please check the image below.

etsy merchant account

Map Etsy Categories:

Clicking the option to map Etsy categories will allow you to add & manage the category mapping. Click on the + button in the top right hand corner to add a new mapping.

etsy category map

Select the Shuppy Category from the dropdown option on the left and the corresponding Etsy Category to be mapped with from the dropdown option on the right as shown. Once you have selected both options click the Map button to complete. You can continue mapping your categories by repeating this step.

map new category

View Countries:

This provides an option to download all the Etsy Countries (ignore this section unless you have Etsy stores in multiple countries).

etsy countries

Now you have everything ready, it's time to import your products!

Importing Your Products

Click on Manage Products, you will see a list of any previously imported products here & also can manage the real-time sync of the individual products or bulk products. Click on Import Products in the top right hand corner to begin your import.

import product

You can import your Etsy products either by their Listing ID or Listing Status as shown below. If you are importing all of your products, we would recommend doing it by Listing Status (i.e. Active). If you choose to add by Listing ID then each ID will need to be separated by a comma. Once you have completed this, click on the import button.

import product

Manage Shipping Templates

You can add, import, & manage shipping templates and costs from CS-Cart admin panel itself. Check the below screenshot.

manage shipping

Click on the + button to add new shipping templates & fill the below General parameters.

  • Title - The name of this shipping template
  • Origin Country - The country from which the listing will be shipped (i.e. Republic of Ireland).
  • Destination Country - The country to which the listing will be shipped (i.e. Australia).
  • Primary Cost - The shipping fee for the item if shipped alone.
  • Secondary Cost - The shipping fee for the item if shipped with another item.
  • Processing Days - The minimum & maximum number of days for processing the listing.

shipping template

Shipping Entry:

For different destination countries, you can add the different shipping cost here. Simply add & save.

shipping template