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How to configure 'all the other' tabs for a product

A detailed article covering all the possible product configuration options. You can click on the headings below to navigate through the article.


This guide covers a wide rage of products capabilities except for the below:

  • If you want simple guide on creating a 'Simple product' then Click Here
  • If you want a guide on creating complicated products with Variants (size/colour etc.) Click Here 

Shipping Properties tab 

This tab contains a number of product properties which are important for automatic shipping cost calculation. 

  • Weight: the weight of the product in the default kilogram measurement. (The default weight measurement unit can be modified under Settings → General.) 
  • Free shipping: if you tick this checkbox, the product will be excluded from the shipping cost calculation. In this case, “Use for free shipping” must be ticked when creating a Shipping Method. To create your shipping method, please follow our guide here.
    Ticking this box will add a "Free Shipping" feature to your product image as displayed below.
  • Shipping freight: this is an extra handling fee for the product (insurance, packaging, etc.) which will be added to the shipping cost.  
  • Items in a box: the minimum and maximum number of product items to be shipped in a separate box. Usually it’s 1 - 1 (only one product per box).  
  • Box length—The length of box the product is packaged in.
  • Box width—The width of box the product is packaged in.
  • Box height—The height of box the product is packaged in.

Quantity Discounts tab 

This is where you can add discounts if your customers purchase certain quantities of your product.  

The “Quantity” is the minimum number of products to be purchased and the “Value” is the discounted price. 

The “Type” of discount allows you to choose between “Absolute” and “Percent”.  

  • The “Absolute” option will set the price at the amount you have chosen for “Value”. 
  • The “Percent” will take the “Value” amount as percentage and minus it from your original price.  

This will appear on the product page on your storefront as pictured below.  

Files to sell tab 

You may not need to complete this tab if it is not applicable to your product. If you are selling a digital product which is downloadable (e.g. a print) you can upload it here. The file cannot be larger than 2MB. 

To add a file, click the “Add file” button.  

A new window will appear where you can fill out the fields with information about your file.  

  • Name—the name of the file as your customers will see it on the product page. Note that it does not change the original file name. 
  • Position—the position of the file relatively to the positions of the other files in the list. 
  • File—the actual file that will become available for download after purchase. 
  • Preview—a preview file that can be freely downloaded from the product details page on the storefront e.g. a low resolution/ short sample.  
  • Activation mode—determines how the download link will be activated: 
    • Immediately—immediately after the order has been placed. 
    • After full payment—once the order status has changed to Processed or Complete
    • Manually—manually by the store administrator. 
  • Max downloads—the maximum number of allowed product downloads per customer. 
  • License agreement—the text of the license agreement. 
  • Agreement required—determines whether the customers must accept license agreement at checkout. 
  • Readme—additional instructions (for example, installation instructions, etc.) 
  • Folder—the folder to which the file belongs (if you created any). 

Subscribers tab 

If your product is out of stock, you can offer customers the option to subscribe for an email notification. This email will be sent automatically to inform your customer that the product is back in stock.  

Here you will see a list of subscribed email addresses for the product. Once a notification is sent out to the email address, it will be removed from the subscriber list for the product.  

This whole process is automated, however if you wish to add subscribers, click on the “Add subscriber” button.  

A new window will appear, where you can insert an email address. When you have provided the email address of the subscriber, click “Create” at the bottom corner of your window. 

The email address will be added to your subscribers list. 

Google Export features 

This is required as it adds extra product features to match the product fields required by Google. 

  • Fill in the fields Age Group, Availability, Brand, Condition, Gender depending on your product and its features.  
  • Google product category: only complete the field for (GB) ONLY. 
  • GTIN: this is your Global Trade Item Number. If you have a GTIN fill in this. It is used by companies to identify their products.  
  • ISBN: this is the International Standard Book Number. If you have an ISBN you can insert it into this field.  
  • MPN: this is your Manufacturer Part Number. If you have an MPN you can insert it into this field.  

  • Sizing System: If your product follows a sizing system, you need to specify which out of the drop-down list, i.e. UK size 6 is equal to EU size 32.  
  • Size type: If this applies to your product, select an option for the type of sizing.  

Features tab 

This section is important as all the information about the product will be used for filters on the website. You must populate all of the blanks (unless it does not apply to your product) to maximise your product visibility when customers apply filters to their search. e.g. price filter.  

  • Age: Choose which age your product is suitable for from the drop-down menu.  
  • Clothing Size: If selling a clothing item, select the size of the product. 
  • Gender: Select the gender(s) your product would appeal to.  
  • Personalisation: Select if your product can be personalised. 
  • Picture Size: If applicable, select the size of the picture/print you are selling. 
  • Special Features: Select a special feature appropriate to your product from the drop-down list.  
  • Type: Select if your offering is a product or service. 
  • Colour: Select the appropriate colour of your product, if applicable. 

Buy Together tab 

This gives you the option to bind products together and offer a discount for them. It will be promoted on the product page on your storefront as pictured below. 

To add a combination of products for a discount, click “Add combination”. 

Fill in the blanks to name your combination. You can also add a description. 

If your product is limited or subject to availability, select “use available period by ticking the box. 

Select the date your product combination is available from by clicking on the calendar icon . Select a date from the calendar. 

Then, select the date your product will be available until. Click the calendar icon  again and select your date.  

If you want the product combination to be displayed on the list of promotions, tick the box beside “Display in promotions”. 

You can also choose the status of your product combination.  

  • Choose “Active” to make your product available to customers.  
  • Choose “Disabled” if you do not wish to make your product combination available on your product page. 

To add products to your product combination, scroll to the top of the window and click “Products”.  

Here you can add your existing products by clicking “Add products”.  

Select which products you wish to add by ticking the box. 

When you have selected your products, click “Add products and close”. 

The products and their original prices will now appear. Here you can select the type of discount and the amount. The discount options are: 

  • By fixed amount: this will minus your “Value” amount from the “Price”.  
    e.g. If price is €12.00 and your chosen value is €10, the “Discounted price” will be €2.  
  • To fixed amount: this will change your “Price” to the amount you have inserted into the “Value” amount.  
    E.g. If price is €12 and value is €10, the discount price will be €10.  
  • By percentage of original price: this will take a percentage from your “Price” based on the “Value” amount.  
    e.g. if value amount is 10, it will take 10% off €12. The discount price will be €10.80. 
  • To percentage of original price: this will change your “Price” to the percentage based on your “Value”.  
    e.g. if your value is 10, it will bring down to 10% of the €12. Leaving discount price at €1.20. 

  • You can also use the “Share Discount (€)” option at the bottom of your window. This allows you to enter a monetary discount, which will be split equally across the selected products.   

You can click “Recalculate” after choosing different discount options to check the final price for your product combination. 

Click save once you have decided your pricing. 

Attachments tab 

Here you can add an attachment which will create an extra “Attachments” tab on your product page as pictured below. 

You can add attachments by clicking the “Add attachment” button on the right-hand side. Attachments cannot be greater than 2MB.  

Here you can fill in the name for your attachment, and upload a file from your local device, server or insert a URL. The “Position” refers to the position of the attachment relative to other attachments on the storefront.  

An example of an attachment can be a user guide which will be available for your customers to download. 

After you are done, click the “Create” button.  

Your attachment will appear under the Attachments tab. Here you can edit or delete it. Click “Save” when you are finished. 

Reviews tab 

Here you can view all the reviews from customers for your product. The reviews posted for your product will be approved by Shuppy. If you wish to edit your reviews, please contact Shuppy.  

Shipping Methods tab 

By default, all shipping methods will be selected as available (unless you have defined this not to be the case when creating the shipping method). The shipping methods tab allows you to modify shipping options specific to each of your products. To display all shipping options, untick the box beside “All shipping methods enabled”. 

The delivery options will appear. Select which shipping options are available for your product.  

In the following example, the available shipping options for the product are ROI standard delivery, ROI next day delivery and UK standard delivery. 

After you are done, click the “Save” button in the top right-hand corner of your screen.