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How to apply a discount/sale to your active products & in turn add them to the “Sale” category.

This quick guide walks you through the steps of how to apply discounts to your products, as well as adding them into the Shuppy "Sales" category.

Apply discount in bulk discounts

Step 1: First, go to your admin homepage. You can do so by clicking this link and logging into your vendor account. 

Step 2: Click on “Products” to view all your products.  

Step 3: You can edit your prices from this view by using the “Price” and “List price” boxes. Your "List price" will be the original price of the product, and your "Price" will be the discounted price. 


Your change in price will be displayed on the live site as follows: 


Step 4: If you wish to apply a discount to all products tick the check box at the top of the list of products, this will highlight all the products which changes will be applied to. If you wish to select only a few products, please do so by clicking on the area to the left of your product image to select/highlight it. 

Step 5: After you have checked the box or selected your products, click on “Price”. Here you can enter your discount in the first box (Price). You can either apply a € discount or take a % off your price.  

E.g. to deduct a set amount (i.e. EUR 7.50) from all of the highlighted products, you enter -7.50 in the “price” field and select the EURO symbol on the right. This will deduct EUR 7.50 from the list price of all the products selected. 

E.g. if you wish to reduce your prices by 20%, you enter 80 in the “Price” box and select the % sign in the dropdown to the right. Then press “Apply” at the bottom and this will work out 80% of the List Price. 

A 10 % price change for example will be displayed on your seller page as follows: 


Please do not forget to click “Save” in the top right!

To reverse any price changes made later, you will need to select the products which you want to change and type in the corresponding “List price” in each of the respective “Price” fields. Each seller will be responsible for adjusting their own prices.

Unfortunately there is currently no setting allowing a discount be live for a set period of time.


Adding products to categories  

Step 1: After you have selected your products (Steps 1 – 4 above), click on “Edit Selected”. 

Step 2: Here you can edit all product properties in bulk (including "Price" if you wish to apply individual price changes to different products). Product Name and Status will be selected by default. Click “Unselect All” and then tick “Price”, “List Price” and “Categories” (to add your discounted product to the sale category). Click “Modify Selected” to begin editing.  

Step 3: To edit your categories, click on the category icon beside your product.  

Step 4: All the categories will be displayed here. Scroll to the bottom of the window and click on “Sale” and “Add to category” to add your product to the sale category. Please ensure you have applied the discount first.  

Step 5: Once the “Sale” category appears beside your product, you can click save to ensure all your changes are applied.  


Step 6: When you remove the discount from your products, it is equally important to remove the "Sales" category from each product. Untick "Sales" and press save.