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How do I create & update products with Variations

This guide show you how to manage those more complicated products with size, colour etc.

Overview on Variants  

You use variants to create products which have multiple “features” and which look different to each other and have a separate stock inventory. For example, a t-shirt in multiple sizes and colours, you would want each of the colours listed separately so customers can see what is available. 

The features available to create these types of products are created and managed globally. If you require a “Feature” or “Feature Variant” that doesn’t exist, then please send us a request and we will decide if this should be added to the global taxonomy.  

To view the current Global Taxonomy of Features and Variants simply click into the 'Features' tab on any product. 


  • Variation group (For example this could be Colour) - a few similar products that differ from each other only in one or several features.   
  • Variation (For example this could be red, blue, green) - a product that belongs to a variation group. A product can belong only to one group at the same time, but it’s easy to change the product’s group. If a variation is removed from the group, it becomes a standard product.   

    Every variation is a product, but not every product is a variation. Use the Advanced search on the product list in the admin panel. For example, it can let you find only variations, or only catalogue items. 

    A t-shirt comes in 3 colours, and each colour has 5 sizes. That means 15 products. If we want to add switching between these products, we’ll put these products into a variation group that is based on the “Colour” and “Size” features. Now we have 15 variations, and customers can switch between them on the product page. 

    Step 1. Creating the Parent Product

    Go to https://shuppy.ie/vendor.php and go to Products > Products 

    You will need to create a Parent product into the system, to do this follow the main steps in the standard product creation guide Here

    Step 2. Select which features to apply (can be more than one) - VERY IMPORTANT!

    After creating the parent products, more tabs will appear, select Features. This will allow your products to become visible when people are searching for specific features. By not filling in the appropriate fields, your products will not be found!

    From all the features available, select which feature groups to apply by choosing a variation for this product e.g Colour = Blue and then click Save.

    Step 3. Create all variations

    After saving the first variation choice, go to Variations tab and + Add variations

    First Click Create new products to open all possible combinations of the Features or click Use existing products, tick each combination to be created in the store and Add variations

    Step 4. Update codes, prices and any further variant specifics

    The new variations will be added to the store and listed as variations of the first parent product.
    Each can have a unique Code, Price and Inventory Quantity, save after all changes.

    Each variation can be opened further by clicking on the product Name, this will allow the changes to if necessary.

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