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Creating & updating product options

This guide will show you how to use Options to enhance your product offering e.g. offer personalisation, gift wrapping etc.

Overview on Options

Options are additional separable product properties. They don’t have a quantity of their own, and don’t affect the quantity of product in stock. But they can affect the price or weight of the product. Examples of options are:

  • Custom engraving e.g. personalising your product for the customer.
  • Gift wrapping
  • Uploading a file (photo)

(You can add multiple product options if necessary for your product)


To begin adding options for your product, go to https://shuppy.ie/vendor.php. From your home page, go to Products > Products.  

From the page you can either click on a product name to begin editing a product or you can create a product option.  

  • To create a product with a product option, click the “+” icon at the top right-hand side of your screen. You can view our guide on how to create a product

  • To edit a product where you can add the product options, click on the product name.  

Options Tab 

Here you can edit the options and variations for products. To add an option, click “Add option”.  

Populate the fields in the new window.  

  • Name: Insert the name of your product option. 
  • Code: Insert a code for the product option (optional).
  • Position: This will be the order the options appears in. i.e. if you enter "1", it will be the first option to appear relative to other options on the page. 
  • Inventory: Tick this box if you want the option to be tracked for inventory.  
  • Type: Select one of the options from the drop-down menu. 

- File will allow customers to upload a file e.g. upload a photo which will be used to personalise the product.

- Select box will appear on your product page as pictured below. It will allow customers to choose from one of your predefined variations.  You can also add a price with each option.

- Radio Group will allow the user to choose only one of the options from your predefined set of choices.  

- Text/ Text area allows customers to type into a box. This may be relevant if your product allows for personalisation, special requests, etc. You can explain this in the “Comment” field which will appear below your text box. You can also give an “Inner hint” such as specifying how long the text should be by filling out the blank fields once you select Text or Text area.  

Regular Expression (RegExp)  is where you can specify the pattern to indicate how you want your customer to fill in the field. The RegExp will check that the value a customer enters into the text field is correct.  

In the given example, the customer message will be valid if they enter less than 12 characters. Here is the RegExp example: ^[a-zA-Z0-9]{1,12}$. This rule indicates there must be less than 12 alphanumeric characters including spaces. 

If filled out incorrectly, your “Incorrect filling message” will inform your customer about the issue, as displayed below. 

This function can be used check a telephone number, postal code, date, email address, etc.  

To test your Regular Expression formulas, we recommend using this website. For a user guide on how to create Regular Expressions, click here

The text box function will appear on your storefront as pictured below.  

  • Description: Here you can provide more detail about the product option. This will appear on your storefront under the question mark sign. 
  • Comment: This comment will appear below the option. 
  • Required: Tick the box if you wish to make the choice of product variant a required step before purchasing. 
  • Missing variant handling: When your product option is unavailable, you can choose between a display message informing customers or hiding the product option. 

Google Export  

When you export a data feed file, this option will provide data for the selected Google field type. We recommend leaving this blank as this would be handled using “Global Features”.  


Click on the variations tab to begin adding variations for your product option. e.g. colour variation, type of gift wrapping or sizing options. Here you can specify any additional price which will be added once the product option is selected.

  • Position: this refers to the position of the product variation relative to the other product options.  i.e. entering "1" will make the variant appear first.
  • Name: the name of your product variation. e.g. if option is Size, the variant names would be small, medium or large.  
  • Modifier/ Type: this refers to the price or percentage which will be the cost of the variation when added to the product.  
  • Weight modifier/ Type: this refers to any added or subtracted weight based on the variant. Value can be a whole number or a percentage.  
  • Status: you can set the variant as “Active” or “Disabled”.  
  • Extra: Click here if you wish to add an icon to your variant. Icon will appear as pictured below on the product storefront.  

Applying Options to other existing products 

Once you have created a product option with variants, you can apply this product option to other products.  

Go to Products > Options. 

Click on the settings icon and select “Apply to products”. 

Here you must one of your existing products to which you want to apply your options to. Click on “Add products” for a list of your products to appear.  

Select one or multiple products by ticking the boxes. Once you have selected the product(s), you can click “Add products and close” at the bottom of your window. 

Select which product option(s) you wish to apply to your chosen product(s) by ticking the box. 

Click “Apply” at the top right corner of your screen to apply the options to your product.  

This will appear on your product storefront as pictured below.