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How do I create my own business Gift Certificate as a Product?

This guide shows you how to create your own Gift Certificate for a specific product or package that you offer.

Log in to your seller account

Go to https://shuppy.ie/vendor.php and go to Products > Products 

Click on the Plus icon to open a new product page 

This will then load the General product data entry page


Name: Product name as presented to the customer 

Vendor: This is set to your account 

Categories: Select the category that best fits your product 

Price (€): Set product price in Euro 

Full description: Add a product description, you can add as little or as much information about your product as you want. 

Status: Active products are live, Disabled means unavailable for purchase,  Hidden products are still live, but not displayed on any category pages. 

Images: Add your product Image in PNG or JPG format, image size should be 450 by 450 Pixels minimum but ideally 900 by 900 Pixels and no more than 2MB each.

Options Settings 

Options type—select how the options and variants of this product appear and work on the storefront: 

Simultaneous or Sequential 

  • For products with various options to choose, can the customer choose different combinations of the options or in a set sequence  

Options are specific properties of the product that a customer can choose when making a purchase. For example, options for clothes may include colour and size. The variants of those options would be red/green/blue and S/M/L/XL/XXL respectively. 

Exceptions type—select a type of the product option exceptions: 

Forbidden—you’ll be able to specify Forbidden combinations on the Options tab. Customers won’t be able to purchase a product when they choose a forbidden combination of option variants. 

Allowed—you’ll be able to specify Allowed combinations on the Options tab. Customers will only be able to select these combinations of option variants. 

Gift Certificate ProductAssuming this product is a gift certificate for your services, by selecting Yes will allow customers to digitally send this as a gift.