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Guide to improving your product listings

This guide highlights some suggestions in how you can improve your product listings on Shuppy. The better your products show, the more you will sell!

Product Descriptions

Having a clear and well-presented product description is of paramount importance. It’s crucial that customers are shown the dimensions, size and weight etc. if this information is appropriate to the underlying listing. Would you buy a picture online without knowing the dimensions or a bottle of sauce without knowing the volume quantity?! 

It is therefore vital that each seller checks their products and updates them accordingly. 

A poor product description: 

  • A bouquet of flowers for a special occasion.

A much improved product description: 

  • Looking to make someone's day extra special?
  • This beautifully presented flower bouquet is curated with a mixture of soft white & pink tones using peonies, roses and complimenting greenery. 
  • On average, each bouquet is 80cm's in length and contains at least 12 flowers.


Please also ensure that the presentation of the text is of an excellent standard, here we suggest double spacing to it's laid out correctly, otherwise it's all bunched up together! Perhaps including some elements in BOLD will make the key information jump out.


Product Imagery  

The standard industry recommendation is that each product listed should have at least 5 to 6 images which are taken from different angles. In the absence of not being able to physically touch a product, each customer ideally wants to get a true appreciation of the item in question.

As Shuppy lists the products of lots of different sellers, we do need to standardise the appearance of the products on the platform. We therefore ask that each product image is taken in “Portrait” mode, or as a square image, and on a white background. We have created a guide to help you take the best photos here and how to edit them if needs be.

If you need to format images already taken, then we suggest you visit this guide.


Your Seller Page

Shuppy is keen to tell the story of each seller on the platform, hence we need you to update the description and other text areas accordingly. It is really important that you follow the formatting of the text as per the guide, otherwise it will look poor and out of place on the site. We have had to spend a lot of time editing each seller's place so please ensure any changes you make are per this guide.

Remember to always check what you have done by checking your unique URL - (e.g. https://shuppy.ie/the-flower-boutique/). Your SEO name is visible in the "Add-ons" section of your seller page so please follow the step accordingly.

If you are adding images here, they HAVE TO BE IN THE CORRECT FORMAT. If you need to format or add seller images, then we ask you to follow this guide.


Delivery Instructions 

A lot of customers who we reach outside of Ireland want to buy products to be shipped to where they live, if such delivery is something you offer, it is VITAL that your shipping rules are correct. If they are not, then you will lose out on a sale at the final hurdle. Here is a guide for creating and following the shipping rules. Again, we ask sellers not to deviate from the suggested rule descriptions and to remember, Ireland is only for the ROI, separate rules need to be in place for both NI and the UK. We have done this as some sellers have the same policy for ROI and NI, while others don't. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DOUBLE CHECK THIS as customers will not be able to check out if your rules aren't set up correctly. 


We also ask that you check your shipping costs and make sure they are both fair and attractive to customers. We have found that quite a few sales have been lost when people feel the cost of shipping is too high so please revisit this and make sure the charges are fair.


If you need help or want us to check your shipping rules then please raise a support ticket.



You also need to ensure that you set the VAT rates to all your products and also your shipping instructions. Please follow this guide if you need assistance in how to do this.